The terms and conditions of business of Arch Axis Studio are the foundation for all offers, contract, deliveries, and services between Arch Axis and its clients.
Any regulations that alter or cancel these conditions are only valid if Arch Axis agrees to them in writing. 

1- Retention of Title and Copyright
a- The services provided by Arch Axis Studio are subject to copyright law.
b- Credits to Arch Axis (@archaxisstudio) must be included on any social media posts or client websites featuring the company's visuals, in the form of "Images by @archaxisstudio" or "Images by Arch Axis Studio."
c- Arch Axis reserves the right to use the work created for clients for self-promotion and paid ads.
d- Clients are granted privileges of use for the images, but property rights are not transferred.
e- Clients should inform Arch Axis prior to the start of a project if it is subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), as these types of projects are typically priced higher.
f- Once a job is done, Arch Axis Studio has the right to include the client's or company name in the "Our Clients" section of the website.
g- If valid, Arch Axis is entitled to create and post images that are not invoiced for personal and advertisement use. 

2- Payments 
a- Payments are divided into two settlements that are defined in the quotation phase:
30-60% at the start of the project and 70-40% before the project's completion to receive the full resolution images.
b- Changes in the number of visuals or variations in design that affect the workflow or what was agreed upon will be invoiced separately and are not included in the initial quotation.

3- Due Dates and Deadlines
a- Due dates are set by the client before starting the project and our team will work to deliver the visuals on or before the given date.
b- Arch Axis is entitled to make partial deliveries. and the client is responsible for supporting the performance, including providing technical information such as drawings, picture, sketches, CAD, etc. in a timely manner.
c- If the performance of the order is delayed or hindered by the client, Arch Axis may demand an appropriate increase in remuneration or termination of the job.
d- Any and all changes that affect the delivery time of the project and lack of cooperation by the client, fall under the client's responsibility.
e- Arch Axis is not obligated to accept any extension of the job.

4- Draft Visuals, 3D model and Delivery
a- The purpose of draft renders is to receive comments and/or approvals on all components of the render, so clients should carefully review materials, props, detailing, 3D design errors.
b- Our workflow includes 2 draft visuals - 
Additional draft images are to be charged in a different quotation.
c- Draft renders will have a maximum resolution of:
2000 pixels for the draft images, 
4000 pixels when the final payment is settled.
d- Comments should be digitally typed or sketched on the draft image for better comprehension.
e- The final scene could be sent to the client for 30% of the total invoice (model only).
f- Depending on the chosen package, a 10% discount could be granted if client provides a good 3D model of the scene after our examination.

5- After delivery configurations
a- Post-delivery adjustments will be quoted separately, and their immediate completion cannot be guaranteed due to possible pending jobs.
b- Projects with many options or variations will be quoted separately from initial phase.

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