Don't categorize arch viz images by realism level;
We are living in a time when artificial intelligence is growing drastically fast and soon will be as efficient as an artist and even faster. What is then the thing that cannot be reproduced by a machine? - Feeling and character. 

A machine mixes images from reality and collages them into a decent image, design, clipart, etc. and will even create compositions that a human mind never thought of.
Lesson learned, AI (artificial intelligence) is a weapon for inspiration and opens new thinking possibilities. 
This is the reason why, at Arch Axis Studio, we do not aim for this level of realism, even though it makes the viewer wonder if it is real or not - it is not what we intend to do - we tell a story by showcasing your project and transfer a feeling, an aura tailored for each image. 
Creating hyper realistic images tricks the client and the audience;
CGI artists try to show the project/design in the most relevant way to please the owner/designer but in our opinion it is not the right thing to do.
If you compare Architectural visualization images with their respective 'built' end result, you will find that this is not what reality is.
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