Intuition 5:

Location: Remote place in the mountain suburb 
Use: Studios and office
Design and images: Raoul Kassab - Arch Axis Studio


-The red building has 3 similar studio apartments for colleagues that work together in the same firm that they created. 
-The wooden building on level 0 is the office as well as a shared and meeting room in
the -1, and a server and PCs room in the +1.
-As a 3D artist, having a loud 70 degrees machine nearby in the work space is uncomfortable. The solution is  dislocating the heat of the machinery from the work space, giving more comfort and making use of energy to warmup the building in cold days.
-A staircase connects all the segments by disconnecting work from living.
The lowest level has an exterior shared garden for festivity.


This is a perfect working / living environment; separating work from home and giving home office another meaning.
This project operates only if the 3 people work in the same industry, have the same business and lifestyle interests, and enjoy being together; fits perfectly young founders of a firm, especially a creative one just like ours.


Red aluminum composite panels: expressing the power of the creators, is used in the studios exterior and in the office detailing.
Classic repetitive wooden fins: indicating the credibility and professionalism of the industry, is used the office exterior and in the living spaces detailing.
Glass: is used to disconnect the two parts visually and geometrically by creating a transparent buffering zone.

For the image creators like us:

 - Don't be afraid of portrayal proportions. It may be awkward at first but surely creates a better impact in suitable projects.
- In terms of composition, you know better than your client! just say "in my opinion this works better to showcase the project because ..." and show them the difference between their point of view and yours.
- Don't be a job taker that does everything that is asked in the exact way you are told! Impose your vision, knowledge and expertise in your domain, the client chose you among hundreds for an obvious reason (unless your work is exceptionally low priced ).
You will find an orbital view of the whole project in the bottom

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