We were asked to design a multifunctional terrace that can be used throughout the year, incorporating a bar, sunbathing area, jacuzzi, and a space for relaxation. 
The rooftop is divided into two parts, one can be used when weather is clear and warm and the other for rainy days.
Both areas feature the same amenities to maximize utility throughout the year. 
A glass box with a retractable roof provides shade in the summer and protection from rain in the winter with minimal use of dividers and a corner-less frame to enjoy the Mediterranean sea view.

- Custom made deck chairs can be folded to serve as lounge chairs.
- The fire pit can serve as a barbecue thanks to grill plate fitting dimensions.
- A low-profile bar that can accommodate up to ten guests and features chairs without backrests to ensure that the sunset view is not obstructed.
- High hedge greenery for more privacy from surrounding chalets. 
- Automated retractable roof.
- Glass facades overviewing the terrace, and over the eye level windows on the elevation that has direct contact with the environment for added privacy and optimal natural light and ventilation.
- Custom storage compartments with built-in fridge and hydraulic push-open mechanism that also serve as additional seating.  
- An indoors bar.
- A butane fireplace.
- An elevated jacuzzi deck for maximal overview of the sea when in use.
Project designed in 2021
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